20 September
  • 10:0011:00Registration of visitors
  • 11:0011:20Opening of the conference

    Introductory speech of the organizers and sponsors.

  • 11:2011:50Anar Babaev: How marketers see ICOs. How not to mess things up

    • Product. Which projects interest the market, and which – not;

    • Where to search for team members? How to choose contractors? 

    • Top 7 most efficient channels in terms of ROI;

    • Top 10 most interesting countries;

    • ‘Doped’ ICOs, or why you will not raise $30 million in a day;

    • Platforms go crazy. How to work with them? 

    • Which languages should be chosen for translation, and which – not;

    • What you really need to do at conferences;

    • Organizing technical support. Why Soviet-type service can kill your business?

    • Top 5 mistakes that I made. 

  • 11:5012:20Oleg Kudrenko: ICO: new venture capital paradigm or yet another bubble?
    • ICO for non-IT projects: legal point of view;
    • ICO records: $35 Million in 30 Seconds - how and why is it possible?
    • ICO Market Crosses $1 Billion Mark, Is Bubble Imminent?
  • 12:2014:00StartUp Pitch

    Presentations of companies from demo zone.

  • 14:0015:00Lunch
  • 15:0015:30Vladimir Popov: Scam ICOs. Common characteristics and how to detect them at an early stage

    1. Types of scam:

    • by subjective aspect;

    • by the model of ‘local currencies’;

    • by used technologies.

    2. How to detect a scam:

    • general principles;

    • important details.

    3. Analysis of case studies:

    • general profile of scams before the era of ICOs;

    • scams in 2016;

    • scams in 2017.

    4. Reputation means money or appropriate blockchain as a solution of scam problem.

  • 15:3016:00Yury Parsamov: ICO marketing: how to understand that you do everything correctly?

    • When to start the campaign to manage your tasks. Cycles of community management, bounty program, and listings;

    • “Around the world”. How to prepare to an ICO in the USA, China, Korea, and other countries. What should be taken into account;

    • China: where and how to launch, who to partner with, and why you should not place ads on Chinese websites;

    • ICO landing. What do ICO participants want to see and to what aspects do they pay attention?

    • How to choose advisors? How have we partnered with Eyal Hertzog, founder of Bancor;

    • The price of victory. Why 20% of efforts bring 80% of results and how to understand what makes those 20%;

    • Mistakes: how not to screw things up with “excessive marketing”.

  • 16:0016:30Alexander Kolokhmatov: High-profile projects: success stories

    • Traditional success criteria;

    • Evaluation of high-profile projects from the perspective of the abovementioned criteria;

    • Reasons for the assessment;

    • ‘New criteria’ for assessing success;

    • Re-evaluation of some projects through the ‘New criteria’;

    • Conclusion and presentation of a project that meets the abovementioned requirements.

  • 16:3017:00Christophe David: Legal aspect of ICO in Europe. Experience of DomRaider in ICO preparation

    • Regulatory issues of the Initial Coin Offering;

    • What does the lack of ICO regulation mean in practice;

    • Key principles of securities legislation in USA, China;

    • Legal approach to ICO in the EU (by the example of France).

  • 17:0017:30Martin Mischke: Real World business opportunities with blockchain
  • 17:3018:00Łukasz Żeligowski: ICO on the example of EasyMINE
  • 18:0018:30Ilya Egorov: ICO Internet traffic: tricks, trends, lifehacks

    • How to draw audience of many thousands crypto investor automatically from any source?

    • How to create audience with similar interests?

    • How to translate ICO websites into 140 languages in one click?

    • How to launch YouTube advertising campaign for millions of people?

    • How to answer hundreds of investors’ questions in a minute using chatbots?

    • How to create automatic sales funnels for tokens in messengers?

    • How to get targeted clicks from Facebook for free?

    • How to create automatically filling resources and redirect traffic from the Google homepage?

    • How to access thousands of crypto investors on Reddit?

    • How to automate personal and business accounts on social networks for an unlimited amount of traffic?

    • How to Live broadcasts to find crypto investors for the ICO project?

  • 18:3019:00Maxim Pervunin: Conversion of ICO funds in fiat currency. Legal aspects.

    • Ways of launching fiat money on crypto exchange;

    • How to convert funds?

    • Cryptocurrency arbitrage;

    • Selection of the most beneficial customer to convert funds;

    • Conversion of cryptocurrency in fiat money with a beneficial interest rate;

    • Legislation, tax expenses;

    • Pitfalls of legal aspects;

    • Recommendations on regulating the legal part;

    • Draft laws on cryptocurrencies.

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