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The event took place on September 20, 2017. Subscribe to our news to be the first one to know about the next one.

ICO event Moscow is the event held by Smile-Expo, an organizer of the group of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conferences that have become ones of the largest fintech events in Russia and Europe.     


The ICO allows startups to raise millions of dollars. The largest of them, Tezos and Bancor, have obtained $230m and $153m. 


However, only the USA all over the world has introduced cryptocurrency legislative regulation. On July 25, 2017, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) equated the public coin offering with share issuing. The ICO became equal to the IPO. Now, US securities federal acts are applied to tokens as well. The US government is expecting that the regulation of this sector will decrease the fraud level and protect investors. Prior to this, the government of Singapore has officially permitted cryptocurrency investments.               


Like the majority of countries, Russia does not regulate the ICO legislatively. However, the authorities are already working on this issue. The State Duma of the Russian Federation has established a special interdepartmental working group on cryptocurrency turnover risk assessment. It will overview the legal framework in order to get the ICO under control.    


Laws and the future of cryptocurrency token launch are the most critical issues, bothering cryptocurrency in all countries. Thus, the key topics of ICO event Moscow included:   


  • ICO legislative regulation; 
  • ICO and IPO: comparison and features;
  • advantages and risks of token investments;
  • ICO development prospects;
  • great projects: success stories;  
  • technical aspects  of ICO preparation and implementation; 
  • how to present ICO to investors.
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